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For over 80 years, Mr. Boston has provided countless recipes, insights, tools, and techniques for individuals throughout the global bartending community. We are pleased to present the Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Blog. It is filled to the brim with bartending knowledge, tips, tools, secrets, and recommendations that only Mr. Boston can share. With the help of friends and many fellow bartenders, he is always striving to educate and provide the most useful tips to all. In case you ever need his help preparing those more complicated libations, he is certainly here to help, so that you too can master this craft. Exploring the blog will help you to be a wealth of knowledge amongst your friends. You may also be surprised to find how easy it is to make some ingredients at home or to find them with one click. He hopes that you will use and perfect these skills in crafting your own cocktails.

Recipes, Ingredients, Techniques and Tools and the Well-Stocked Bar

When it comes to the art of mixology, there are numerous skills, techniques or tools that can be useful. He’s spent years practicing and honing his craft to help guide you along your journey. As the craft of mixology continues to evolve, he will be sure to keep you up to speed. He’ll show you the differences in stirring, swizzling, shaking and when it is best to use each technique. From cutting garnishes, making your own simple syrup or grenadine, and learning about bitters and other savory ingredients, all of these nuances and many more can be found within. Join him to learn more from some of the world’s most skilled mixologists. There’s no better time to start learning the ins and outs of crafting cocktails than right now.

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